Executive, Project and Facility Management

Salary: Negotiable

Location: Trường Đại học Văn Lang

Team: Procurement & Property Management

Application deadline: 10/01 — 30/04/2024

Job Description


1. Project Management (restoration/innovation/construction/campus decoration) 

  • Plan the work to be done, get the necessary personnel, and help direct manager to allocate the right duties to the right people;
  • Coordinate tasks by different people on different sites to ensure uniformity upon project completion;
  • Ensure timely completion of the projects to build trust while avoiding unnecessary penalties;
  • Work within the budget by adequately estimating the costs and cutting unnecessary expenses;
  • Procure and allocate resources within the scope of specific projects;
  • Manage both internal and external risks within the project’s lifetime, such as poor planning designs, and government policies, which directly or indirectly affect the projects;
  • Manage various projects running at the same time (with priorities matrix).

2. Property Management (including IT services) 

  • Conduct & procurement planning for utilities of new facilities.
  • Plan the use of space. - Optimize organizational resources;
  • Practice safety measures - school security;
  • Receive feedback and constantly improve service quality;
  • Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the use of facilities compared to the investment rate to have a plan to optimize facilities resources, gain experience from implementation;
  • Coordinate with the IT department to apply measures of school safety-security, network security, and information security in the school system.

3. Report and do other tasks as assigned 

  • Market research;
  • Implement investment proposals, operational reports, and human resource allocation reports to the management;
  • Continuously improve the way of conducting work to improve service quality, optimize cost and time efficiency;
  • Perform other tasks as assigned.

1. Education

  • Bachelor‘s degree in Business Administration, Foreign Trade, Commercial or equivalent.

2. Experience

  • Minimum 2 years’ relevant work experience in building management or agency/facility development in an educational/ MNC environment;
  • Have knowledge of technology and application of technology in work;
  • Use English fluently in communication is an advantage;
  • Working experience in an educational environment / MNC is an advantage;
  • Computer literacy qualification is essential.

3. Competencies 

  • Integrity;
  • Emotion management skills;
  • Time management skills – multitasking skills;
  • Good communication and networking skills;
  • Ability to work independently and manage a team;
  • Problem-solving skills;
  • Creative and innovative thinking.

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