Senior Executive, Marketing and Communications

Salary: Negotiable


Team: Marketing & Communications

Application deadline: 12/03 — 30/04/2024

Job Description


1. Market Research & Forecast 

  • Collect market information to identify market needs, target markets, new markets;
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative surveys / research to understand target customer needs;
  • Regularly update new trends / information in the market in order to timely adjust Marketing;
  • Admissions strategies / plans.

2. Brand Management 

  • Support line manager to define market segmentation, target customer identification and 
    brand positioning;
  • Participating in building brand identity & brand equity, standards to be followed for images 
    and communication content to target customers (current parents, potential parents, students);
  • Resolving trademark-related legal issues;
  • Build up, manage and produce content to maintain the school‘s official communication 
    channels: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Zalo, Tiktok...
  • Build, manage & operate website: Update school activity news, optimize users experience, 
    make plans and execute to promote website rankings through keywords (SEO).
  • Consulting & managing the presentation of all platforms for exchanging information to 
    parents under the operating responsibility of other departments: ManageBac learning 
    platform, Online uniform store, etc.
  • Continuously monitor and update news from all educational groups on social networking 
    platforms to capture market trends and make appropriate predictions;
    Responding to information that parents sent to Marketing-managed social media platforms;
  • Support to identify and handle communication crises (if any).

3. Formulate strategies, plans and deploy intergrated marketing activities for enrolment 

  • Participate in building communication themes throughout the school year using external or 
    internal resources;
  • Participate in defining strategy and plan multi-channel communication & marketing based on market situation, parents‘ needs and actual service provided by the school.
  • Implement marketing activities on digital platforms:
    + Build up media content and images according to brand identity to promote school‘s 
    outstanding activities and features.
    + Select the form/channel to approach and deploy advertising activities: Facebook, Google, 
    SEM, Native ad, Community group, advertising through email, electronic newspaper,...
    + Track results of advertising activities and continuously have appropriate optimization plans: 
    Change the communication channel, change the way ads are run, change the image/content,...
  • Implement traditional marketing activities:
    + Moderate the production of publications serving traditional marketing activities and 
    enrollment: Brochures, leaflets, fee schedules,... for all programs study program.
    + Deploying activities: Outdoor advertising, on-site advertising, printed newspapers, 
    magazines, television stations.

4. Management of communication activities (including communication activities of all other 

  • Check and approve the style, presentation and part of the communication text sent from the 
    official communication channels of UTS;
  • Synthesize and store all school communication content throughout the school year.

5. Event organization 

  • Planning, budgeting and organizing marketing events;
  • Planning, budgeting and organizing Admission events;
  • Participating in/hosting sponsored events;
  • Support the organization of school‘s general events: Opening ceremony, closing ceremony, 
    summer program,etc.

6. Filming, designing and censoring publications/products for school-wide operation 

  • Check the content of publications serving the activities related to parents and students: Parent handbook, service handbook, study handbook, forms, admission application, certificate of merit , insurance card, signboard system, etc.
  • Conceptualize school products: Uniforms, souvenirs, gifts/commercial products, learning 
    tools, etc.
  • Conceptualize print products for academic events (Banner, backdrop, etc), film and build academic materials (eg: Welcome G1 student series)

7. General missions of management and administration 

  • Consult and offer professional solutions under functional units;
  • Organize, manage and archive department‘s document, information & data;
  • Prepare reports relating to department functions & and duties;
  • Support other departments in fulfilling school-wide tasks when required;
  • Other tasks diretly assigned by the Board of Directors.


1. Education

  • University Degree with Marketing/Business background is an advantage. 

2. Experience (type of) 

  • Well-experienced with Marketing background at least from 01 year and above;
  • Used to work in Education industry is a plus.

3. Specific knowledge/ skill

  • Love working with students;
  • Strong business mindset, analytical power, good communication and presentation skill;
  • Have good sense of beauty;
  • Good English at 04 skills;
  • Energized, open-minded and extremely proactive;
  • Practical creativity and result-oriented;
  • Passion to growth and strong time management skill to work in a changeable environment, manage workload and multiple projects;
  • Responsible and honest at work;
  • Careful and detailed with both words, numbers and visual.

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